Google Home removes another key feature from their app

Looks like the ability to have routines manually ran from the app or a widget on a tablet or phone home screen has been removed. This was an easy way to setup a "pseudo" dashboard for Good Morning or Good Night. Google seems to be moving everything into their assistant for interactions with their automation services. I have a couple of friends that use Google Home for their Wi-Fi devices and this is defiantly a loss for them.

Google seem to piss around everyday. I had a routine that used to trigger at 6am saying "set all speakers to 30%"
They broke that. I had to change it to
"Set X speaker to 30%"
They broke that
I then had to change it to
"Set X speaker to 3"

Wish they would stop pissing around


Google’s history in the smart home/IoT realm would suggest they’re ok with continuing to make breaking changes, even completely canning a project, in the interest of progress (however that’s defined by the overlords at Alphabet?).


That seems to be a common complaint with Google on Reddit. Google's constant changes to the platform and the core issue is that their focus is on monetization vs. consistency. I have run out of fingers on my hand for how many leadership changes they have made in their Google Home group in the past 2 years. Each time a new person takes over the platform it goes though a "re-visioning" phase.

They probably purposely break things to see how the AI resolves it.

They aren't really a search engine, or a smart home maker. They are an AI company

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I really hoping they are just making some temporary changes to get ready for the presence sensing to be integrated into Routines

Released in 2023 :joy:

I'm still waiting for their Google Assistant Driving that they demo'd probably 12 months ago