Google Home Presence Detection

It's pathetic as expected. Switch your lights on when you get home? Great. Even when it's daylight? Pathetic. Switch your AC on when you get home? Super. Even when it's freezing cold in the house? FFS.

Google, you've taken several years preparing this functionality. Thanks a bunch, you muppets.

My Nest presence has always been rock solid. More reliable than anything I've tried with hubitat. I'm looking forward to using this feature to trigger away and home within hubitat. Hopefully I can then remove - life 360, hubitat geofencing, and wifi presence for all of my family members devices.


This is what I would like to do as well, but probably just incorporate it to increase reliability overall.

Nice to hear it performs well.

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Get ready, they are pushing it out.

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Just hit my account too.

I set it up last night on my 4 family members. I have it toggling a virtual switch for now so I can track it.

Will need to watch it for a while to see how it does before using it for anything useful.


Thinking of doing the same, let us know how it works for you.

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Currently following this same path. Will need to compare how it does vs Life360. Hopefully it’s comparable so I can run one less app.

I did this also. It appears that if any of the presence detections work they all do. Life360, HE app, Alexa, and now this. They either all work or none of them do. So it appears it all relates to the phone detecting the location.

A little quirk with adding actions if you have dark mode enabled. I could not figure out why I could not add actions after initial setup. The checkboxes are hard right and BLACK!


Lol. I saw the exact same thing yesterday. Took me a minute!!

So I have everything set up and working on the four phones in my house. Each of the phones users have their own Google account, so that is how Google home is set up on each phone. Then each account was added to my "household" in google home. I'm not sure if you could do it with just one account on multiple phones or not, as I did not try that.

After I finally for presence detection actually enabled on all four phones - had issues with it staying turned on on two of them - it seems to work.

I will watch it closer this weekend as all four of us come and go from the house.

I have a Nest account on a hotmail email address. I want to keep it that way for now, as I'm still using the ST Nest integration on my ST hub w/Nest Protects. I'll keep doing that until (presumably) Google opens Nest Protects for integration.

I said I don't have a Nest account during presence setup and got this. I assume that if I move forward past this screen Google will set up a Nest account for me using my primary Gmail address.

I want to confirm doing that that won't affect my existing Hotmail Nest account. I know that should be blazingly obvious since they are different email addresses, but don't want Google to do something sneaky/annoying like determine that my Hotmail account Nest devices (thermostat and protects) are at the same location as my Gmail account and force-migrate my Nest hotmail account.

Also, I have several secondary gmail addresses, is it possible/desireable to use one of my secondary gmail addresses for a Gmail Nest account?

Appreciate any advice...

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I had same issue. Found check box by accident.

Is there a way to toggle the Away routine other than "When everyone's away?" Home is set to When someone comes home.

If there is a way, I haven't found it.

As far as I can tell, you can only set away routine by everyone away or manual setting it home/away in the app.

Uggg. What I was afraid of... Although it may not be so bad. Most of my "presence" rules are for arrival anyway.

Well, all 4 of us left the house today (with our phones) and the away routine never triggered... So that's strike one. lol


Pretty basic fail...that's unfortunate.

we have 2 phones ios and android. its been working great so far. no misses

I decided to set this up instead...perfectly reliable so far, and I don't have to worry about Google messing with this sevice (and my mind) by changing direction adding/removing features on their whim, etc., which we've all seen in the past.

If I do want to use GH to trigger any routines based on my location I'll use a virtual switch triggered by the OwnTracks integration.

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