Google Home on Hubitat

I just setup Google Home to interface with Hubitat.
When issuing a command “turn on the lights” or “turn off the lights” through my Sonos Google enabled Beam,

Even though the lights come on or off, I also often get a message “it looks like hubitat is unavailable right now”

Is there any way to stop this response since the lights are responding properly?

Also they come on 1 device at a time, it would be nice to have them come up together for the whole room rather than in sequence...

Have you created a light group on Hubitat or on Google Home?

Yes. I have some groups. For some reason some groups will not stay connected to the Google Home. I’m trying a reboot on the HE now to see if that helps the groups stay connected.

Hmm, that is odd.

I don't personally use groups often, but just put my living room lights on a Hubitat Group, exposed it to google, and they all instantly turned on and off together. Two lights were Insteon, two were direct connected Sengled bulbs, and one is an IKEA Trådfri bulb connected to Hue hub through the HE integration. Worked perfectly, but if you've been using it for a while, that's longer than I. There's definitely something with your lights if you're using Hubitat Groups and they're not turning on together.

What type of lights and switches do you have?

I have Hue Bulbs. I have some Hue Bridge Groups that will load to Google and some that refuse to, no matter what I do... All Hue Bridge Groups load fine to Alexa, but for some reason my our Home Office Groups refuse to load/sync into Google Home. Very frustrated!

The Hue Bridge Groups that won't load into Google app are probably white ambiance or standard white bulbs?

If so the problem is that hue groups always present as RGB groups in hubitat even though they don't have the capabilities, as a result the states for hue, saturation, and color temperature can be blank.

The easiest workaround is to go into the device settings page for each of the "trouble" groups and set a hue, saturation, and color temperature (any value will do, it's just so the states get set in the driver). Now go back into the google home app, you will find they load fine.

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Wow! Yes our home offices do contain a few of those basic bulbs... I was going nuts! Thanks!

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Those Hue groups are integrated directly from Hue into GH? Or through HE?

Google assistant only understands color or non-color bulbs so when it sees the driver for HE groups it assumes they're color and wants to see the attributes that aren't present (because they're not color).

The HE integration should probably have multiple drivers for Hue groups (Color, White Ambiance, Standard) that would probably solve it, but it really isn't necessary with this workaround and adds complexity having extra drivers in-play and complications if you have mixed groups (some color, some white ambiance, and some standard).

One last workaround would be to only purchase color Hue bulbs! You'll avoid the error and help Philips sustainability, and probably be eating top ramen for the next couple weeks too which helps that industry! LOL


OP mentions Hue Bridge Group so I'm pretty sure he's using the Hue Integration (with the bridge).

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Sorry if I wasn't clearer....are the Hue groups connected directly to Google home through the Google to Hue integration or through the Hue to HE to Google Home setup? It seems unnecessary to go through HE to control them with GH when you can also integrate them directly to GH, right?

Good point, I would definitely choose one or the other (no reason to put an extra polling load on the Hue bridge), but there are pros and cons.

Pros of using HE integration instead of hue: Instant updates in HE when you control the light with google assistant.

Cons of HE integration instead of hue: In order to use some of the other google assistant hue features you need to integrate it directly (The new google assistant gentle wake-sleep features come to mind).

Exactly. And we're only talking up to a minute to update the device in HE if you change it through the "direct-to-hue" integration. Might be especially useful for those color temp bulbs.

Now that I think about it, it could be an issue having both the HE integration and the Google Assistant Hue integration both polling the bridge simultaneously, I'm sure the API has some "rate limitations" that you could run into issues with (but that might be the paranoid in me talking).

The GH integration is cloud based and the HE is local. So, I don't think they use the same "route" to get there.

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I've gotten this message more than once but pretty rarely.
The devices respond but Google says they didn't.
It probably took a little longer than expected to confirm, Google fired the failure message from the cloud but by the time it gets to your speakers the action finally worked...
Slightly sub-par, but I'd say it's on-par for my Google Home experience lately...