Google Home now sees Music Player devices as Lights

My Music Players used to show in Google Home as simple on/off switches. Basic, but usable if I used other integrations (e.g. IFTTT) to control volume, play state etc.

Recently though, they have been grouped under lights, whilst this does mean the volume shows as the level for the device, it now means that any voice commands to turn lights on/off/dim etc. now also control the music devices. It's getting really annoying.

Just guessing, but has the Google Home Integration been updated to treat any device that has the "level" property as a light? I'm also guessing this is on HE side rather than Google side. Am I right?

Unfortunately the "level" attribute and "setLevel" command are a part of the MusicPlayer capability so I can't simply rename or disable that property.

Would it be possible to provide a configuration option in the Google Home app to allow non-lights to just be treated as switches? (until Google open up their API more to allow music players to be integrated properly)

Update: I tried commenting out the MusicPlayer capability in the device driver, went into the Google Home app and clicked 'Done' again. The player devices are now showing as switches rather than lights in Google Home. So I think that confirms that it's an HE change.

Whilst I recognise that Hubitat is aiming to be simple and easy to setup for non-expert users, it could benefit from an "Advanced" mode that gives more experienced home automation folk better control. It would be great to be able to specify the device-type mappings for the Google Home integration for example.