Google Home not adding hubitat

Hi all.

So, I am in a pickle. A few days ago I added Hubitat to google Home. I think the issue is that I didn't have anything to approve for GH to use, so I left the devices section blank.

Now that I have devices and I want to add the to GH, hubitat does not show in the "Home control" section and when I try to add it again nothing happens.

Any help is much appreciated.

** Is there a way to remove the Google home link from hubitat?

Before you get too deep in this you may want to take a look at the Community Google Home Integration app.

Did you follow the steps here?

You can certainly remove Hubitat from Assistant and Google Home from Hubitat. Especially since you say that you have nothing configured. When you add Hubitat back to Google Assistant it will add it back to Hubitat again.

Understand the direction is Hubitat > Google Assistant (Google Home). Google Home devices do not show up in Hubitat. Also keep in mind that not all devices on your Hubitat hub are compatible with Google Home. If they don't show up in the Google Assistant app, then you can select them to add from the Google Home Hubitat app, but they will not show up in Google Home or Google Assistant.

Make sure you're using your Hubitat Administrator email (the one that you used to register your hub) when you activate Hubitat in Google Assistant. It's the email address you see at the top left when you go to

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.33.17 PM

Yeah. I got it to work but the thermostats didn't show in Google home. So I'll have to look into that :\

Thank you.

Hi, the thread below had the fix to my problem. I had to remove the link directly in my google account and now I was able to re-link.

Thank you!

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