Google Home Mini TTS talking over itself. How To Stop

If the HE (RM) has several things to announce, the next up to speak string is starting the TTS again, in the middle of the last announcement. Is there a way to get the Google Home Mini's to buffer and just announce in the order recieved?

No. You have to do that in whatever method you are using to request the TTS announcement. How is the Google home supposed to know to buffer some but not others and "wait for complete"?

I was hoping for a "first in first out" that I had missed.

RM>If (Condition)>custom attribute>status (idle) works great in one Rule.
Rule One:string output
Rule One:string output
Rule One:string output
using the above model works great.
Rule One:string output
Rule Two:string output
Rule One:string output
Rule One second string output over rules Rule Two;string output.
Rule One announces something, runs Rule Two's actions that announce something, then continues with another announcement that is cutting Rule Two's announcement off.
Delays in the right place would work, just seems there may be a better way.
All announcements are made by changing a GV, triggering the "announcing RM" by changing the GV.

What are you asking? If each of your rules is making the announcement, there is no way for each of them to know that the other just made an announcement. The big question is, why are you making so many announcements at the same time. Maybe look at that instead.

I was just saying this would be cool if the Google Home sent a response back to HR once the last command was complete so you could wait for a complete response on the previous command before continuing. The way I worked around it was I just added a delay after each step to allow it to complete before the next command executes

I am not having a lot of luck with the first three lines of the below rule...IMG_20191210_192058_625

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