Google Home Mini - A great little tts speaker


cast-web-api ?

Could you explain a bit more?


If you install the Chromecast Integration (beta) and run these Custom Actions on your GH speaker, you can adjust the volume from a rule or trigger.


Yep, did all that. Doesn't seems to work.

Will try again.



Absolutely works. I have been doing it by activating custom commands, so hadn't actually tried it with a custom action (which @ogiewon graciously reminded me was much simpler :grin:), so I just tried a quick test rule. Set the volume by voice to 70% and turned it back to 50% by pressing a virtual switch. Tried it three times in a row. Works like a champ!


It very well may be the device and not HE.

I have a Lenovo smart tab that works flawlessly with the custom command to change the volume. Then I have a JBL speaker that sometimes changes with the custom command. I have noticed with the Google home app that sometimes my speaker isn't connected to it either.

There is a setting in the Google home app that allows you to set a max volume given the time of the day, so I have used that as a work around for now to keep it from being to loud.


Is anyone else having issues with their Google Mini not processing TTS? I had it working for weeks and now all of a sudden it no longer works.

Troubleshooting ideas are welcome.



Did you try the "initialize" button..sometimes that will get it working again



I have found that the GH/Nest displays always accept commands. The minis, if it isn't playing any media, will not accept a volume command.

I send a blank string " " and it usually reconnects to Hubitat (I have disconnect after turned off in the device settings so the connection doesn't automatically close for my minis and on for the displays).

With the custom attributes feature, you can now check if the speaker has a connection (Media None means no)... and if so, you need to do something (like the blank string) to reconnect first. Then you can change the volume. I assume that it is a google issue that the displays work regardless and the minis don't.

Hope that helps, just my experience!


Mine disconnected recently as well. But, then I noticed that I had several speakers I never assigned a static IP to. SO... I can't say say if it was my network shifting IPs and that messed it up, or a google thing. Possibly both.


Good suggestions all.
I made sure the IPs were static - they were.
I then hit the initiailze button in the All Speakers (Chromecast) device. Started working again on all speakers.

Thanks for the tip @cjrad63



Cool, there is a way to create a Rule to reinitialize the speakers on a repeating time basis, I don't remember the thread, but it is here somewhere. It is about "custom commands"