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I have been trying to add a create a custom driver for simple switch with my DIY sensors. I followed device capability list and create a garage door device: this seems to work fine and i could get it in google home through google home integration.

However my 2nd device driver which for now is simple switch (which i plan to control through raspberry pi) i cannot get it integrated. I stripped it of all complexity and created simplistic driver: Hubitat/simple-switch.groovy at master ยท ArrrNeo/Hubitat ยท GitHub, still GH refuses to get accept it with following error:

The following devices are not supported by Google Home and will be removed from your device list:[Simple Switch]

I even tried duplicating my 1st device which was successfully integrated with GH, still GH refuse to accept that device. How can I debug why GH is refusing my device. I looked at logs, device driver log looks clean, and google home integration app does not output much other than error log pasted above.

Please help.

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Naveen Rawat

Maybe remove the Initialize capability, and the initialize function. I have a custom switch driver that has only Actuator & Switch capabilities, with only on/off/installed functions, and it works with GH.

Another option - if you will just be turning it off and on externally, you could use the Virtual Switch built into Hubitat.

I remember something about a device needing a state before it can be added to GH.

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thanks i will try, i plan to extend this. switch is what i selected just to test integration, i want to create a TV driver with my DIY sensor controls

thanks .. keeping state and switching them with on/off function worked.

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