Google Home Integration will not sync devices from Hubitat [DUPLICATE THREAD]

An issue I've been dealing with for the past 2 hours:

  • If you go on Google Home and unlink the Hubitat account, it will unlink.

  • Then go back through Google Home and connect to Hubitat, it will link back up. I then select 10 devices to authorize.

  • After they are authorized, Google Home wants to then have you set them to room. The problem is it will only have 5 devices on the screen.

  • After going to Hubitat > App > Google Home, it will only show 5 devices were authorized.

  • I've gone as far as unlinking Hubitat again from Google Home, verifying it was removed from the Hubitat, then connecting again 15 minutes later with the same issue.

  • I've also removed Google Home from Hubitat, unlinked it, and tried connecting again to the same 5 devices.

  • If I also don't select the same 5 devices from each time connecting, it will still show only those 5 devices still!

  • I've also gone into Hubitat > App > Google Home and selected and authorized the other devices I need but they never show up on Google Home.

  • I've also rebooted the Hubitat Hub.

  • I also wrote down the 5 devices that kept being added to Google Home with no issues and tried to connect Hubitat to Google Home again without selecting those 5 devices and randomly choosing 5 other devices and after selecting them and authorizing/confirming them, they NEVER synced to Google Home and after reviewing that new connection to Google Home, there is no linked services for Hubitat. The 5 random devices I selected were working earlier this morning so I know the devices are compatible for the integration.

Please advise.

I'm now facing a new issue where Hubitat will not connect via Google Home. I guess server issues?

It will probably be easier if you stick to just one thread. It is confusing for everyone to have posts spread across multiple threads for the exact same issue.


Is it anything to do with the type of devices you have selected? The GH interface only supports certain devices.

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