Google Home <-> Hubitat strangely glitchy?

Hi All!

What an incredible community - I have learned so much from your posts already!

I'm fairly new to HT, and hoping someone can point me in the right direction an intermittent but ongoing connectivity issue between HT and Google Home?

  • I sometimes get switches added into GH from HT that show as being "offline" or, when I switch them on or off on GH, I get an error message. If I remove the device from GH and then re-add it, it sometimes works... and sometimes doesn't. I thought this might be an issue particular to a specific device on my HT, but sometimes I will have 1 device that works fine, and 1 that doesn't, even though they were added at the same time and are identical devices (except for the device name and description). Any ideas?

  • On a more complex scene triggered through Google home, I get an error "Sorry, I can't reach the Hubitat" - although the scene triggers fine. (This is not a big deal, and only happens on more complex scenes.)