Google Home <-> Hubitat Issues?

Anyone else getting delayed communication with the GH integration?
It's been behaving strangley for the past hour or so. They both appear to work fine independently.
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I don't use GH but is not working for me - which I believe is google cloud hosted.

Just got this on my Home Hub...erm..I mean Nest Hub...or whatever name Google will give it tomorrow.

I'm out of the house right now, but everything for me seems to be working. I was able to tell google to turn off a light and it responded as it did and my youngest confirmed it was off.

So, I'd check your hub for connectivity at this point. Keep in mind the hub communicates directly with Google so if your ISP is having issues or hub, or home network, it might be the root of the cause.

I am able to stream and browse without issue. My Google Home executes all non HE related commands immediately. It's just Google to HE. It seems to be intermitent. The screenshot above occurred after turning a light off. The light turned off and the GH hub was waiting for confirmation that it turned off and then displayed the message.

If no one else is experiencing then I guess I'll have to be patient and hope it resolves itself in time.

I did a few tests and so far it seems like the OFF commands are causing the issue. Turning on works fine but while it waits for the off confirmation it seems to time out. Just got this

Edit- scratch that theory.

Rebooting my Main HE hub seems to have resolved the issue.
Strange because everything else was operating lightning quick before the reboot.

Nest website and API is down right now, may also be affecting google home integration as I think it's a google issue. I just started getting some errors in google home integration too.

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I guess it's just timing. My GH devices have all been working fine since I rebooted my HE hub....I am in a hotspot according to @martybird's shared outage map though.

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Very informative"June 02, 2019 - Multiple services reporting issues; issue is related to a larger network issue". :smile: Nest servers are down with it.


Fwiw, a coworker just sent around this link...
An update on Sunday’s service disruption | Google Cloud Blog

"...the root cause of Sunday’s disruption was a configuration change that was intended for a small number of servers in a single region. The configuration was incorrectly applied to a larger number of servers across several neighboring regions, and it caused those regions to stop using more than half of their available network capacity ...
... the same network congestion which was creating service degradation also slowed the engineering teams’ ability to restore the correct configurations, prolonging the outage"