Google Home Hub + 2 Minis for $100

This is the best deal I've seen so far for these. Probably US only as it's from Target.


This just popped up as well.
Google Home Hub for $80 (New Google Express customers)

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Wow, thank you! Just went to Target and placed my order. With the Sale price and then using my Target card, I got the Hub and two mini's shipped to the house for $99.93!


Too Cool Mann!! Wifey was already heading there for something else this morning and will now also be picking these goodies up! Thank You Muchly!!

I'm actually using the google home hub quite a bit, surprisingly. Makes a nice "second screen" to cast stuff to from my pixel 3xl.


Yeah, even if Target was still here, I'm almost certain we wouldn't get that deal.

The Home Hub for $79 is sold out as of 2 minutes ago. :frowning:

Thanks. I'll update the OP.

Looks like they must have gotten more stock in because the Google Express offer is back up again. Looks like Charcoal and Chalk only.

Those are good deals. Thanks. I already have a home hub, but may grab another.

Thanks for posting! Didn't need them, but could not resist getting more toys at a great deal.

Holly crap, I got mine delivered today from Target! All that savings and free overnight delivery, lol. Now THAT's a deal!

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Wow....I guess they REALLY want to get these off the shelves. Mine is scheduled for delivery next Monday :confused:.

Might want to re-check your tracking, mine was scheduled for Thursday. I was shocked when my mailbox sensor went off. Even though it came USPS, my regular mail doesn't come for another couple of hours.

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Not even in UPS possession yet. Scheduled date is still next Monday.


Ok you all are KILLING my budget. I just bought this offer after getting my free Google mini. Now I have three assistants in my home. Ugh! Siri, Alexa AND Google.

Ok so far Alexa is still top dog as the integrations into my Sonos and control capabilities of my locks are non-existent in Google.

What is better with Google over Alexa in y’all’s mind?

You are welcome :wink:. I can't let my self be the only broke person for Christmas. I just spent the money for my extra HE hub on this deal.

Check out this post where I asked the same question. So far, the biggest benefits are "free text shortcuts" and the fact that it ties directly into the google ecosystem..I'm an android/googleMusic user. Alexa still has the edge for now in my home, but the more I learn to use GH, that edge has been getting a bit dull.

Thanks! My two issues now are Apple Misic and Sonos. Just upgraded my Sonos yesterday and now can play native Apple Music through the speakers. Quite nice I must admit. We extensively use IOS here.

Our biggest complaint about Alexa is her inability to really understand you. She gets the most basic commands goofed up (Turn on Fans). Been test driving GH and haven’t had this issue...yet!

Yeah, it seems it lot more accurate understanding what we say. The echo mics do seem to be a bit more sensitive though. They pick up over a longer distance and better in a noisy environment (all day every day in my home).

Either Santa was a little late for Christmas or UPS was a few days early....cuz I got my new toys today.

My slow conversion to GH may be happening...maybe