Google Home/Echo Sleeping?

I'm having a new issue where it seems they are falling asleep and I can issue a voice command, told it can't reach hubitat (Google) or device isn't responding(Alexa), then approximately 45 seconds later, the device turns on or completes the command. I have done a soft reset and restore of a backup, and I have unlinked/linked alexa/google home many times while also removing hubitat skills and hubitat from linked accounts under google security. I had flawless performance until about a week ago. I do notice under my logs I see google home three times instead of just once, there is only one echo voice though. Any thoughts?

Apparently rolling back my firmware to the 2.18 fixed all issues, found another thread that was alexa specific mentioning same issues.

The latest hotfix for 2.1.9 appears to address hub connectivity issues...

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So far it appears to be working as it should, thank you for the quick hotfix!