Google Home + Door Lock?

Is there any chance of the supported devices in Google Home integration expanding to include door locks?

Checking the status of whether the door is locked via voice is a nice thing to have.

I "think" this is a restriction placed on Googles end.

Vera just now got google integration, and their users are stating they don't have door lock control either.

Well there are a few different lock manufacturers that have voice integration but do not have a "Google Home App" button.

Seems weird it wouldn't be allowed. But I don't know enough to make sense of anything they do.

Some locks are supported and do show up. My August Lock is one that does show up and is controllable.

Both my Yale YRD256 and my August lock show up in the Alexa app. It also shows virtual locks. Alexa/Echo is a much better platform for controlling home automation. Google is just one limitation after another.


Agree here, I like the google platform better generally, but Alexa is far superior for home automation


funny enough we swapped to GH after the WAF went down with Alexa.

Loaded up the Alexa app and it sees all the stuff GH couldn't like contact sensors. May have to reevaluate my Smart Home Platform.


I believe that most locks are not controllable from Google Home because it doesn't have the Pin Code function like Alexa does. You wouldn't want someone to be able to shout through an open door "Hey Google, open the front door" and be able to walk right into your house.

To get around this, I have set up a Google Home routine with a command phrase that only I know. That way, if I don't have my phone handy and my keypad is dead I can still turn off the system before the alarm goes off. Obviously if I use it when anyone else is around i'd have to change it immediately but I haven't had to use it yet. The trick is remembering exactly what you have to say in this case. I use movie quotes. As long as it's not a google home Easter Egg, you're good to go. (Yes, I ran into a couple. "Beam me up Scotty" did not work. :wink: )

as for the status of your lock, you can tie that to a virtual switch in RM and then ask the status of the switch in Google Home. Until the HE integration gets Contact and Motion sensor support, some folks are doing this for contact and motion sensors currently.

August does enforce a code, but if you put that code in a Google Assistant Relay message, it will unlock the door.

[CC]unlock the door [name] with security code ######

I didn't know that they'd finally added that capability. I was looking for it the other day trying to build a virtual pin code system for HSM. But I couldn't find anything. I'll have to keep digging....

I set up IFTTT with Google assistant and habitat to lock and unlock my door works perfect

Yes, but the hubitat integration does not support locks. So, you have to use a middleman like IFTTT.

funny enough if you use the homebridge Google home plugin from oznu you can get all kinds of devices. Now my

  • Garage door
  • Contact Sensors
  • Door lock

All work and show up in the Google home app. I think hubitats Google home integration needs to work on these device types.


Google Assistant supports Locks, both state reporting as well as Lock / Unlock. This is a hap on the Hubitat side that I am dissapointed is still yet to be implemented. Honestly they have done the hardwork, this would be very simple code changes to add lock support.

Here is the Google Assistant documentation for Lock devices / traits.

Download the Hubitat app