Google Home Device Errors

Here's a question for your Hubitat Gurus.

I have about 61 devices that have been added to Hubitat and hubitat never fails to control them perfectly. However, sometimes Google Home will report that a number of devices can't be found even though the device will perform the instruction that I asked Google to have it do.

For example, I can tell Google to turn off all lights and my answer would be "Sorry, it looks like 31 devices aren't available right now". And, I watch as all those 31 lights turn off.

I have tried resyncing hubitat with google, I have checked each of my lights to make sure they are set up correctly in Hubitat and I have also checked the Google device app within hubitat to make sure all devices are added correctly. This seems to vary day to day just how many devices that Google cannot find.

I could just use Hubitat to control things but my wife loves the convenience of Google.

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