Google Home "Could not reach Hubitat"

Hi, I'm a first time user and just got my Hubitat hub up and running.
I am trying to add Google Home and followed the guide: Google Home - Hubitat Documentation

However in step 4 after searching for Hubitat and clicking on the Hubitat icon I get the message "Could not reach Hubitat. Please try again."
I tried many times but keep getting the same message. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

Tagging @Support_Team.

My guess is that this is an issue with the AWS server, so I would recommend trying it again.

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I will try every few hours, but no luck till now.

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Do you have a message in the upper right corner of your Hubitat web interface saying that your hub is not connected to the cloud? Also, have you connecred any devices to your Hubitat hub, I know you just got started today.

There are no known outages at this time, so trying every few hours may not have any effect.

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"upper right corner of your Hubitat web interface saying that your hub is not connected to the cloud?" I don't see any such message.

Yes, I connected a Philips Hue bridge, and four Nest Audio speakers using the "Chromecast Integration" (this after the I wasn't able to link the Google Home app).

Currently also connecting motion sensors.

Please be aware that Google Home integration only allows you to make available to the Home app switches, dimmers, thermostats and bulbs that have been joined to your Hubitat Elevation hub. If you have your Hue bulbs already integrated with Google Home via Hue bridge, allowing them to connect via Hubitat will create duplicate devices in your Google Home app. Other than Hue, you don't have compatible devices to add to Google Home.

With that being said, it looks like your Google Home isn't seeing the Hubitat hub. Knowing that you had problems getting started, I would reboot the router. Also, make sure that Google devices are connected to the same network as Hubitat.

I rebooted the router; the issue, however, is persistent.

Other than Philips Hue (44 devices) that are connected to Google Home are the following: Blitzwolf (1), Ecovacs (1), Imou (2), Procenic (1), Tuya Smart (6).

FYI, the Alexa and Google Home integrations with Hubitat are one-way only; devices paired to Hubitat get exposed to Alexa or Google Home.

Amazon and Google do not permit the reverse to happen, meaning that all those devices you have paired to Google Home will not show up in Hubitat (unless you pair them directly with Hubitat, or using a Hubitat integration - for instance with Philips Hue).

So the error you are seeing is that you probably don't have any Hubitat-paired devices to expose to Google Home, as @bobbyD was alluding to.


Hi aayar, so the moment I do connect (more) devices to Hubitat it would be possible to add Google Home.
However, the problem I will subsequently run into is that Philips Hue as it is connected to both Google Home and Hubitat, the devices will show twice.

Maybe then best for now to disconnect Hue from Hubitat entirely and use Hubitat only for all not linked to the Hue hub?

If you need to use Hue in Hubitat automations, then I would do the opposite. Remove it from Google Home and expose it to Google Home via Hubitat.


Remove neither. I keep my Hue bridge connected to Google Home to use with Google Assistant for voice control and keep Hue bridge also connected to Hubitat to take advantage of the rule engines that Hubitat provides and to combine Hue bulbs with other Hubitat connected devices. Once you get the Google Integration working on Hubitat, just don't authorize the Hue bulbs with Google Home app in Hubitat, that way you will not have duplicate devices in Google Home.


"Also, make sure that Google devices are connected to the same network as Hubitat."

Maybe this is the issue, I have three floors in my house, the first floor has a router and the top two floors have their own router. So the Google devices on the top two floors connect to a different router/network.

Would the following be a solution?

  1. Reset all the devices that are on the other router.
  2. Then connect Hubitat to Google Home
  3. Then reconnect the devices again to the other network

@bobbyD I did not yet manage to get Google Home connected. Would the by-me mentioned suggestion fix the issue, or should I do something else?

No need to reset devices, you can try connecting the hub to the same network as the Google devices, although, putting the hub on a subnet may prevent the hub to access the internet, so your cloud connection may not be available after moving it.