Google Home Chromecast Music Stops After Hubitat Alert

Hello All,

When we get a Hubitat Alert over a Google Home speaker that is playing music, the music will not resume like it does with other Google home interactions. Any solutions for this out there :slight_smile:

Thanks Again

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None that I've been able to find.

You'd have to use Google Relay Assistant and have it do a broadcast.

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Family submitted a complaint for this very issue this morning. It is a big deal, as I wanted to have announcements when external doors and windows were opened and closed, and each one kills the music.

I started going through the steps to set up and test Relay Assistant as @curtman3 suggested, but balked when I saw the developer said he's not supporting it anymore as it he's using HA's built-in functionality now.

I'm thinking the best solution is to get 1 or 2 more (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) GHM dedicated just for announcements.

Are these from HSM alerts?

It is the speak action going through Chromecast Integration (beta) like so:

OK. On a Sonos device there is a playTextAndRestore() method, but on Chromecast there is only speak(). So there is no way to do speakAndRestore(), at least not from our platform as it stands.