Google Home Cannot Update Set Point for Generic Zigbee Thermostat Driver

My particular setup is Generic Zigbee Thermostat + Centralite Pearl. Also doesn't update virtual thermostat.

Google responds "OK Setting Thermostat to XX Degrees" but no change. @mike.maxwell has fixed this on a few other thermostat drivers but even on 2.1.1 this is still not working for the built in generic driver with the pearl tstat.

I fired up my pearl this morning and ran through my standard tests, thermostatSetpoint is updating correctly as far as I can see.
Can you describe your thermostat setup?, is it controlling heating and cooling?, or just a furnace...
How are you controlling the thermostatModes (heat,cool,auto)

Hi MIke, thanks for taking the time, I know it's a PITA to dig out a device and fire it and then have it work as designed. Sorry about that.

My setup:
Pearl using C wire for power hooked to a forced air furnace and AC unit controlling both heat and air.


My command to google is "OK Google, set the thermostat to 70 degrees" that results in no change despite the reply "OK, setting the thermostat to 70 Degrees"

Changing the thermostat mode from the Google Home app on my phone from Cool to Heat does make the change however.

I do have a RM 3.0 Rule that turns the Fan Setting to "ON" or "AUTO" depending on how big of a temperature difference there is between rooms, I've paused that for testing.

I also went ahead and removed the thermostat from the google home app, updated google home devices, then added it back and re-assigned it into the room. No change sadly.

so in the example above, that represents the current thermostat state when you issued the command to GH right?
If you change the fan mode to auto, then issue the command in GH does it then work correctly?

Your statement is correct, that is the state of the thermostat when I issued the command.

I set the fan to auto, resulting in this state when Issuing the command:

"Hey google, set the thermostat to 70 degrees" resulted in the same success reply but no change to the thermostat.