Google Home App Step Changes

Might be good to note in the Google Home App steps for Authorizing Hubitat for Google Assistant that you can sometimes hit an error (The parameter "state" must be set in the query string.) after step 6, but that waiting a while and trying again seems to solve it (took about 10 or so minutes for mine to get to step 7).

Google Home has also changed a touch so the screenshot on step 1 is a little altered. Here is more what it looks like now:

There was no step 8, it went right to step 9.

Step 9 no longer has Next, instead you "ADD TO A ROOM". Here is a screenshot of that, although I could not edit this one since the text is different:

Step 10 does not exist if you only have 1 "home" created apparently (it did not show for when I did it just now).

Step 11 is almost identical, but here is a new screenshot in case that is useful:

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