Google Home/Alexa question

I have a wifi switch coming tomorrow.

I don't think the device is supported by HE, but it is supported by Google Home & Alexa. My plan is to create a virtual device in HE and have it mirror the switch. But the mirroring has to be two way. Meaning if either the virtual device or the wifi device changes, the other device will follow. Can this be done through GH or Alexa? Perhaps create a scene where if the HE device or the wifi device changes, it will update the other?

I think the device integrates through Smart Life.

SL will work with IFTTT, but it would require 4 different actions (HE on, wifi on, HE off, wifi off) and I can envision an endless loop happening.

Any ideas?

What would be ideal is if I could send a GH or Alexa command from HE. For example "Hey Google, turn on [device].

Pretty sure you canโ€™t do that, with Alexa at least (I donโ€™t use google assistant).

You can use Alexa to turn on or off a hubitat virtual switch, but there is no mechanism for using that as a trigger to then act on your WiFi switch. Alexa routines can be triggered by certain types of sensors, but not switches. So the same problem would apply in the opposite direction as well.

You can do it half-way, but it's going to be a cloud based switch as well.

Use this code. When you turn on the "switch" that this code creates, it will trigger a virtual motion sensor. You then create a routine that triggers the switch to turn on when the motion is triggered. You create a second that turns the switch off, or you edit the code.

You cannot do the opposite as @marktheknife points out. Alexa and Google Assistant (which cannot do it either) are not as complete a smart home platform as HomeKit or a hub from Hubitat or SmartThings.

This Z-Wave relay is the better way and costs the same however, then just add any smart button and you'll be able to trigger it with Google Assistant, Alexa, the button, a Hubitat Dashboard, your HE UI via drivers, time of day, etc.

You can do this with Google Assistant relay, but again, the Qubino flush is the better way and it will be in sync with HE and the voice assistants.

Maybe I'll send this device back and get the relay, then. It looks like the dry contact switch is what I need. The fireplace is millivolt.

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