Google Home: Add Fan and Blind support

I know when the Google Home integration was released the FAN device type wasn't part of the public API, but it looks like the FAN and BLINDS have been added:

I would like to request that these devices be added to the Google Home Hubitat App for proper integration.

If they are already there, I wouldn't mind some instructions on how to get them to show up.
I have GE Fans Switches (which show up/work like dimmers), but I have also tried using the Virtual Fan device. The GE Fan devices show as dimmable lights in Google Home, The Virtual Fan device does not appear in Google Home at all.


+1 for this

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I would love to see this as well!

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Yes please...

Also need this; now that the Generic Z-Wave shade driver is working again, I've noticed that there is no way for me to tell Google Home to open the blinds, without nasty work-arounds that make my lights turn off and on as well.

Please, please, please, add this!

+1 pretty please, I really need this

I would like this feature also. I don't understand why so few people would want this, Most HE users are using Alexa ? ... or don't use blinds/shades

Of course there are other priorities...

I think many would like this. But most have probably found work arounds. My work around was I put all my shades in their own room to keep google from opening/closing them when I said turn on/off the lights in a room.

Yep, putting the GHs in a single room does the job for now. Not perfect, but a good workaround until this device type is added.

Thank-you @jayme9 !

I would appreciate if this feature is added. I just upgraded my IKEA rolls with GitHub - ACE1046/LazyRolls, connected them to Hubitat (will post Hubitat driver when its fully tested) and wanted to add some magic. But figured out that Google Home doesn't work with Hubitat's WindowShades ;(

This is currently possible with the community integration: [Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration

If anyone doesn't want to wait for native support.

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Any news on this please? This topic is 2 years old, and Hubitat still exposed shades as bulb to Google Home (via it's built in GH integration). Can it please expose it properly as shades/blinds?

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Hello everyone, can we get an update about adding blind support to the GH integration? I just purchased a Hubitat and started moving devices to it this weekend from a Smartthings v3 hub. I quickly discovered the lack of comprehensive blind support with Google Home on my Spring Fashions AKA Bali blinds. I use my blinds via Google Home everyday and these blinds are certainly the most expensive investment I have made in home automation. Without real support or knowing there will be support for them I am going to have to return my Hubitat and just stick with ST.

I hear there are some 3rd party work around for this but I am not looking to have to spend a lot of time doing custom work to make my most important and expensive devices work.

Any updates would be so useful, is this even on a roadmap?

I am not sure if this community driver supports blinds but it has tons of options so it is your best bet. Takes a little bit of figuring out but once you get it working it seems to be pretty solid. Dont mind the "Alpha" tag on it.

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