Google Forms?

I think this might be a long shot but I am trying to figure out a way to integrate the completion of a Google Form.

We're doing a major overhaul of responsibilities for the kids. My wife came up with a whole list of things that are expected of them. She has asked me to come up with a way to make it easy for us to remember to check that the things are done before the reward is given. Currently it would be very clunky and thus prone to us not following through.

My think was that if I made each of them a dedicated form, they could submit it and then it would trigger something that would notify us without us having to go into our phones etc.


what about creating a dashboard for each child, and giving them the URL to it for them to toggle a virtual switch when they complete their task? then that could send you an alert or have it trigger a light


I do like the "keep it all in HE" approach. May have to play with that!

See HOW-TO Store data in Google Sheets directly from RM5 as one working example I've seen and used.

I like that. Then, create a rule that turns off all of the switches at 12:01am. You could even setup rules to send them notifications ( assuming that they have cell phones) or blinks the lights in their bedrooms continuously if they haven't completed something one hour prior to bed time.

I might have to remember this when my kids get older.


For our situation it's a series of chores with certain conditions that have to be done by Wednesday in order to get allowance and continued access to electronics.

I'm currently toying with working on making a switch for each task and then link some to variables (doing 2 loads of laundry would be 2 seperate toggles linked to a variable and that variable would have to be 2 in order to trigger a "complete")

I'm also quickly seeing this get very complex. Perhaps another way.

maybe if I just change it to tracking in google sheets

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The method I cited above indeed uses a pre-made Google Form to populate Google Sheets, which in turn makes for an excellent tracking platform (with its own notification options, via email). Setup takes a few minutes, but totally worth it.

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You can setup recurring reminders and/or tasks in Google and use jay integration to expose them in HE:


I've been wanting to try out that integration. Does it permit HE to create new tasks (i.e. "Chore A completed by Child B at TIme C")?? (Sorry haven't RTFM yet)

No it searches for existing tasks/reminders and mark them complete based on state of a switch.


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