Google devices as matter controllers

Now that google added matter support to its control devices, does that negate the need for the google integration?

I have been looking into this, and it seems all the major players claim to be matter compliant, but I still do not see how it is supposed to work, since none of them seem to have a mechanism for adding devices via matter. Am I missing something here?

Either way, from what I have been reading, I believe in theory at least, Hubitat should be able to operate as a bridge between matter and other devices, as well as echo being a bridge between matter and zigbee devices.
It will be interesting to see how this comes to fruition.
I just updated HomeKit to the new architecture which is matter compliant, and it doesn’t find anything on my network other than through the old way of scanning a QR code. Alexa is not yet update, but is supposed to be over the course of this month, so maybe any day now.

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Maybe at some point in the future, if Hubitat could use Matter to expose devices to Google Home and they could be integrated that way instead of with a Google-specific integration. Perhaps it will be similar for other integrations, too.

But as of today, no. (And on a related note, has anyone successfully gotten a Matter device into Google? :grinning:)


I suspect if Matter is implemented in Hubitat, my Hue app will be relegated to just a few features, if even that. At least I hope that is what Matter will do for smart home integration..

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