Google calendar import from ICS

I have a Google Calendar that works on my Iphone / Outlook etc.

Clearly we are able to get a secret link for our diaries, details are here

Ideally I am looking for a way to have a panel that displays in simple list form the events for the next 2 days.

The clever part would be if a word is included in the entry and then automate a specific routine.

Running Guest accommodation such as a hotel if Guests are booked into a specific room then turn on the heating and warm lighting an hour before arrival and turn off external lighting X hours after the last arrival time.

Many thanks for your thoughts in advance.

For the automation part, I use IFTTT to set/clear VS based on calendar topic. Don't know about the panel display

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Thank you what is VS ? I have IFTTT installed in HE but have yet to use it.

VS - Virtual Switch. Name each VS with the room number.

IFTTT turns on a virtual switch before checking - heat/lighting watch for VS change and turns on/off with VS changes.

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Thank you, now I need to pull in that Diary :wink:

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I don't use that function so I can only tell you there are a few post on it. Do some forums searches and post as needed. Best of luck sound like a good automation.

Sadly I didn't follow through and try to write some code, I had issues like some other people in setting up the access on the Google end, and some of the examples people had did not include presenting the calendar entries on screen which I would also like to do. It's still on my list as something I would like to do, but not sure when I'll get around to it.

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