Google assistant relay Get data

I understand that a ras-pi google assistant relay can issue commands to google devices such as the Nest thermostat. But can you also retrieve data? Can I check if it's in heat or ac mode? Check if it's running? Thanks

And get the data back into hubitat or have google Speak it? The former is not possible. But the second is possible if you enter the question in as your command, set broadcast to false and converse to true. It will then speak the response to your question on ALL google home speakers in your home.

Is there any way to get data back from nest into the hubitat now that Works is gone?

Not with Google Assistant Relay. It does not have a mechanism to pass data back to Hubitat. It only accepts commands.

Any way at all?

Other than Google Assistant Relay? I don't know. You might want to do a quick search on the forum for Nest and see what everyone else has been saying about it. If you can't find an answer, I would create a new thread with something about Nest in the title. But I'm pretty sure if you spent 5 mins searching you'd find your answer.

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