Google Assistant no longer controlling thermostat

I noticed recently that when I tell my Google Assistant to change the thermostat temperature, she says she is doing as I ask but the temp is never actually changed on the unit. Same when using the Google Home app. Thermostat is Remotec ZTS-110 Z-Wave thermostat connected to HE. I have rebooted the hub. I have not yet unlinked and re-linked my Hubitat and Google accounts because I'm not sure if that means I will have to redo my Google routines that include Hubitat devices, but I will do so if that is recommended troubleshooting for this issue. Any other ideas?


Turn on logging for the thermostat device and see what is being sent when Google Assistant tries to access it. Unfortunately, there is no logging on the HE built-in Google Assistant app. You can also try setting up the Google Home Community app which has more logging.

I've also noticed this, I'm using a gocontrol thermostat though.

As I expected to find, there are no events in the logs at the times I have issued commands to Google to change the thermostat temperature. Does this help at all with troubleshooting?

Where do I find the community app, and are there any advantages or disadvantages compared to the built-in app?

Is there any update on this issue? I moved shortly after my original post, and I just now got around to reinstalling the thermostat at my new place. I'd really like to find a solution to this.

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