Google Assistant Local Home SDK

Just saw this get posted somewhere else. Looks like Google Assistant devices will soon be capable of performing local device automations.

This would be perfect for Hubitat.


Google just launched the Local Home SDK out of preview:

Would be great to see support for Hubitat - maybe with a few more device types supported? Google also recently added support for passive sensors.



I was just about to post this based on a Venture Beat article. Really hoping one of our awesome devs jumps on this. @ogiewon, any thoughts on how easy/difficult this might be to implement in HE?

Apparently I can't @ Ryan but I'm sure he will post his thoughts in due time.

Worst case scenario, I think there will be a NR node for this soon.

Also tagging @mbudnek and his awesome Community Maintained Google Home Integration

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That's great! I also didn't know there was another google home integration @bptworld, I wonder if it will finally let me control my door lock as the default google home integration doesn't recognize it.

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Probably above my skill level...and honestly not that much of an interest to me as we are an Amazon Alexa family for the most part.

Hopefully @mbudnek accepts the challenge! :wink:

Turns out Ryan just opened an issue about this last night over on the Google Home Community github:

Using local control would really just change the control path from Google Servers -> Hubitat Servers -> HE to Google Servers -> Google Home/Nest device -> HE. Hubitat's servers would also still have to be in the loop for authentication, account linking, and device syncing, so it's not like it would protect against those getting shut down.

It's definitely something I'm interested in pursuing, but it's definitely lower on my priority list than say adding support for more device types.

Google Smartphone Summit. There will be a session called "Introduction To Local Home SDK" on June 9th. Just saying :wink:


Good stuff...