Google Announces New Smart Home Device Traits and Device Types

Maybe the Google Home app can get proper fan support implemented? I see fan speed as a trait along with a fan device type.

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I was just going to post this as well.

Two things jump out.

Open/Close: Maybe we can get garage doors to integrate now with Google Assistant

2 step authentication seems pretty cool too. On Edit: to have the option to select it or not. Wouldn't want to use it for everything.

Me : "Hey [your voice assistant] turn on lamp."
VA : "Sure, how would you like to receive your activation code?"
ME : , "cell phone."
VA : "Please verify the last four digits of XXX-XXX.XX34."
ME : "1234"
VA : "Thank you, please say the six digit security code from your device."
ME : "654321"
Wife : "YoU'rR wELcoM"
VA : "I was unable to turn on lamp, would you like to try again?"

I jest of course... or do I?