Goodbye Fibaro - Hello Foxx Project - Cheap Dry Contact

Thanks guys for helping the noob. I will repurpose that for other things
Looks like Qubino is the way to go.

Hey @kewashi ....... have a model number on that sensor?



Just search for “eco link window sensor” on Amazon

Hi where can I get this driver ?
I downloaded this one but its not detecting as a door sensor.
Its showing as an on off switch.

Has anyone managed to use a dry contact like this as a warning light sensor. I don't need an illuminance reading. A simple light on/off is what I'm going for. My septic motor controller has a warning light on it. I just want a way to get notified if that light comes on.

I don't have one, but this looks interesting:

@velvetfoot that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Except, being the tightwad that I am, I was hoping to solder a cheap photo cell of some sort to the dry contact of a door/window sensor that I already have lying around. To hopefully save a few bucks and learn something in the process.

I was going to suggest one of @iharyadi ’s Environment Sensors but realise now you are looking to mod something you already have.