Goodbye Ecobee

After a week now of taking down the Ecobee 4 and putting up the Zen Thermostat, I'm pretty pleased so far. I want to give a big thanks to @bravenel for creating the averaging apps for temperature and humidity shown here Averaging I'm now able to use a combined 38 temperature sensors and 5 humidity sensors to create my own 'ecobee style' algorithm using rule machine.

The thermostat controls my central A/C and propane furnace. However the primary source of heating is a fireplace and the propane furnace is usually only for overnnights when no wood is being added to the fire.

I am able to use a Ventilation Schedule rule to circulate the heat from the fireplace throughout the house, for when the "outside temp" (of my personal weather station) is below 50. (which is the temp needed below before lighting a fire)

Next in conjunction with the Ventilation Schedule is the Thermostat Schedule.

The final icing on the proverbial cake are a TTS notification that lets me know when it's time to add wood to the fireplace.

So as you can see by the rules (still fine tuning), Rule Machine is literally running the thermostat completely automatically for heat and cool based solely on outside temperature (weather station), inside temperature of 38 sensors, and inside humidity of 5 sensors, all LOCAL control, no more worries on Ecobee's servers being down for hours on end, away from home and the thermostat is off and unable to cool down before coming home is no longer an worry I have!


That is truly awesome. I think with some re-wiring, I can get the Zen to work with my system (2-stage HP with 2-stage AUX). Basically, I have to convert it to 1-stage AUX. Where I live (New Orleans), I think the HP can keep the place warm by itself and AUX will be used so rarely that I can just go with 1-stage AUX.

Maybe early next year!

Your rules are very helpful.


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I would think so, Seems you wouldn't need 2 stages of Aux in LA. I'm switching the propane furnace over to a heat pump next spring (hopefully) since my main source is the fireplace I'm hoping I'll never use Aux heat here in OK, but by chance I don't have any wood it may be a possibility.

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@waynespringer79 Seriously F'ing awesome work sir! I'm hoping to do the same thing in the next couple of weeks.


This is awesome. Exactly what I want to do to.

I wonder why the app Thermostat doesn't allow us to use an average temp device?

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Hey! Go do that with HS. :wink:


You can, and I may in the future.

Just giving you a hard time, you traitor.

Edit: did I say that out loud?


Let's not get off topic and take over his thread. You can give me crap in the other thread.


Since when have we EVER shied away from hijacking a perfectly innocent thread to give someone grief? :wink: LOL


Wayne: What are you using for humidity sensors?
How fast do they react? (Fast enough for a bathroom?)
Do you find them accurate?

I'm using 4 of the Zooz 4-1's and the humidity reading from my Ambient Weather Station.

The driver for these Zooz 4-1's is native and are adjustable for their accuracy as well as %change for reporting. I currently have one in the bathroom and automating the fart fan is actually my next project.

As far as speed they are 'ok' with how they detect motion, however I wouldn't recommend them if your main purpose is for a motion sensor as even though the driver states the re-trigger is adjustable, I have yet to get any of my 4 to not go inactive after 8 seconds of no motion even when the driver is set for 60 seconds. They are ok though for a multiple zone motion sensor tied with a different motion sensor.

Did you select configure after saving the 60 second preference? I just tried my zooz 4-in-1 and got the expected 60 second result.

Not sure what firmware version I have as that could also be a part of the puzzle.

Yes I have that on all 4, I'm guessing I have an older firmware models

Bummer. Wish we had OTA firmware support.

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Thanks a lot for this, it's been a very helpful guide in setting up my Honeywell T6 Pro to use my average temperature from a couple temp sensors.

One thing I did add was a presence rule right at top. If Not Present then set to mode auto, heat 65, cool 78, fan auto.

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