Good Night Rule Not Working

I have the following RM that runs when a switch named The House is turned off:

I have a virtual switch named The Guests - for when we have guests. If it is on we leave certain lights on and configure vents differently and such. If it is off (which it is) everything should be set the way we want when we don't have guests.

I was having issues with some of the items in the scenes (Sleep Vents, Sleep Lights) not turning off - so I added the repeat 2x every 2 mins - thinking if anything was missed the first time the scene was set, the second run would get it. That is helping - BUT. For some reason the second run is acting as if The Guests is on (true). Here's from my Pushover:

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? No, The Guests is not set to ON in either of the scenes being triggered.