Good Night Routine

Would anyone be willing to share a Good Night Routine that would get me in the ball park for the following:

  • Check all door sensors to make sure they are closed. Report any: %device% is still open (Echo Speak)
  • Check all water sensors to make sure they are clear.
    *Check garage door status. Report if still open
  • Check all door locks to make sure they are locked. Send a lock command to any that are unlocked

Something like this for open doors, in the older rule machine.

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I use modes to control everything. When mode changes to night (which I can also trigger from an Alexa routine) I have a rule that handles the basics but other applications are tied to modes as well. I use HSM integrated with my Vista 20 alarm panel and @lewis.heidrick's auto lock application, so when the mode changes to night HSM arms, which causes auto-lock to lock all the doors and report any errors. I have two Alexas that are within earshot of my bedroom. I absolutely hate getting into bed and having the wrong echo respond, so I change the wake word from "Alexa" to "computer" on those two units at night.

Hi, I wanted to know how you use that% and why, if you don't feel like explaining to me, thanks partner

What I am doing is using a variable local to the rule called open contacts.
So when I say set open contacts to " %open contacts% are open" I am adding the words "are open" to the existing variable open contacts.

I'm not totally done, but thanks to Anthony LaBush for his suggestion to use the "Device Status Announcer" app created by RMoRobert. That took care of much of it. I can launch the routine from a dashboard tile or from Alexa voice command. Alexa locks all locks, powers off some of the lights and then triggers the "Good Night Virtual Switch" which launches the app which checks the doors, locks, garage door, and reports any exceptions. I also loaded the HTTPS momentary switch driver which provided the 500ms push button effect. I need to learn more about using modes as suggested above. Thanks, all!

If you question is about my reference to %device%, I did not end up using it at all. Thanks,

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