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hi guys and gals, one of your friendly tech guys has pointed me to hub variables as I am trying to make a automation to trigger with a event and to activate a txt to speech weather forecast I have got this far. is it possible for a few more tips please

Your variable is called "WEATHER" (all caps), but you are calling the variable as "%weather%" (all lower case.

Replace "%weather%" with "%WEATHER%".


so cool thank you

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Hi @postmanjess I'm keen to set up a similar rule to yours. How do you get the weather forecast info into the variable. Can you screenshot your variable settings to give me an understanding please👍

He's using the weatherforecast attribute from openweather to slide into a global variable then outputting the populated variable to a notification on sonos


I had to set up a virtual switch and create the variable to take a asset from one of the drivers
![Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 20.45.47|690x431](upload://cF


Hi, I understand the populating a GV and also the TTS but can you elaborate on how you set up the open weather side of things? I'm confused on this one

Hi, can you give more detail on taking the asset from one of the drivers. Which driver is this and how do you take it's asset?

You will find the openweathermap driver in Hubitat package manager. Create an account and generate an API key. Create a virtual device (lets say you call it openweathermap) and use the openweathermap driver for it. Then go to the device page and paste in the API key in the appropriate field and then click save.


I got it, thanks so much for your help. It took me a while but I got there. Brilliant!


Did @aaiyar 's suggestion fix you up?

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