Good Home for Old Home Server Equipment

Simply put for various reasons I did a fairly big upgrade to my home server. The gear i replaced is still good, just a bit dated at this point. If anyone would like to give it a home and put it back to work I am up for donating it as long a shipping is taken care of.

The gear is as follows.

Intel i52 2400 Quad Core CPU
Stock Cooler and Coolmaster tower cooler.
I have 2 motherboards options for the rig

  1. Intel DZ77BH-55k (ATX)
  2. Gigabyte H67-D2-B3 (Micro ATX)
    24GB of DDR3 memory 2X8GB dimms and 2x4GB dimms
    SIlverstone GD02 Low depth case full of fans.
    Antec 380w Power Supply

All of the above gear is working. I currently have the Proc with Stock Cooler, Gigabyte MB, 16GB Ram in the Silverstone case, but if you want more flexibility the Intel board would be the better long term option. You would just need to get a case that supports the regular ATX MB form factor and use the Intel Motherboard.

I have validated it is all working and I am just hoping someone can put it to work instead of me taking it to get recycled. I kind of look at this as the perfect solution for someone that has a bunch of pies doing work but looking for a good way to consolidate them. Or someone wanting to build a HTPC(This is actually what this case was built for).

The power draw on this setup was pretty low when it was my main Home server, and imagine it would be less now that it is stripped down more so.

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I would have been all over this, would have been an ideal solution to a number of issues but I'm UK based.

Either way, it's decent of you to offer it to the community - just wanted to post and say "kudos".

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Soy de Barcelona (España) podría mirar el envio?