Good Door/Window Sensor

Can I ask for assistance from the community here?
I am looking at the Visonic MCT-350 window/door sensor (sometimes sold under the XFinity brand name).
Apparently it can sense temperature. Is the temperature accurate?
Does anyone know if the device works and is supported by Hubitat?

One last question:
Does anyone know of another zigbee window/door sensor that also does temperature sensing?

Not familiar with Visonic MCT-350, but I use Aeotec’s Smart Things Multi-Sensor (contact sensor) to detect temperature in a few areas. There are also a few motion sensor that have this capability, including the ones from Hue and Smart Things.

I've had good success with the (discontinued?) Ecolink 4655BC0-R, not sure how many are left in the wild anymore.

Does the Ecolink 4655BCO-R do temperature sensing as well as contact sensing?

Yes they do. I don't use the data for anything critical but they track proportionally compared to other sensors in the rooms.

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Do you have any experience with the Aeotech leak sensor? Reviews on Amazon say their battery life is terrible, wondering if that’s true

I have multiple Aeotec Smart Things Zigbee water leak sensors and haven’t had any battery issues. I don’t have any of their Z-Wave water leak sensors however.