Good Candelabra type smart bulbs?

Any recommendations? Zigbee preferably.

I think I need B-10 bulbs, or a converter/adapter from B-10 to A-19.

Any specific feature needs? When I was looking recently, Hue was one of few options I could find and the only one that did color. Trådfri can do whites, but I haven't tried their E12s and was not impressed with the ones I have tried, so I'm hesitant to recommend them. I'm pretty happy with Hue in general, though I can't say this preference hasn't been an expansive expensive (but I left this typo because it's also true) one...

When I got a new ceiling fan recently (prime culprit for E12 fixtures), I made sure the light kit took A19s, knowing the above. :slight_smile: Otherwise, if you only need dimmable white or on/off, you might have better luck using a smart dimmer or smart switch with the bulbs of your choice.

I have one of these gledoptoZLL
but it looks like it is out of stock on amazon now. Works pretty ok. I only use it for color notifications in my bedroom

Have a fan light in bedroom. Tried a Caseta dinner switch but it didn’t work. Figured if I could get a bulb in there and use a pico would be a great alternative since I don’t care to control the fan...

Going forward would either look for A-19 option or a controllable fan light to install. But... not replacing the fixture at the moment so need to work with what I got :tired_face:

Adapters are inexpensive and readily available from eBay sellers. Just keep in mind that you’re looking at a month or more for delivery.

I have a warm white TRÅDFRI E12 Chandelier bulb. It’s been cast out to the porch light with an adapter.

Ceiling fan in my son’s room has three GE non-smart dimmable chandelier bulbs that buzz like crazy when dimmed. They will be replaced with Hue when I get an Inovelli fan/light controller in there eventually. I’m just never satisfied with cheap bulbs in fixtures we use frequently.

What wiring do you have at the wall? Depending upon what you have there, you could install something like the Zooz Zen30 and have a light dimmer with fan on/off.

You could also use the Hampton Bay Fan controller if you want light and fan speed control without the proper wiring at the switch. This is housed completely at the fan canopy, so the wall wiring doesn't matter. You could control it with a button controller.

There is the upcoming Inovelli Fan switch which has a Zwave wall component and a controller in the canopy that is controlled from the wall switch.

How are the ikea bulbs if just looking for on/off functions?

If they buzz at low dim, can’t you set the lower limit above the buzz?

Honestly it’s been a while since the last time in the box. If I recall correctly there are no neutral or grounds (:frowning:). I think in that box there are three wires, can’t recall specifically about load etc, but I think three black wires (believe the fan was wired to always be on and only controlled by the string, and the light was wired to the dimmer switch) - which is fine, all I care about automating right now are the lights.

I think you misunderstand a bit. The IKEA Trådfri bulbs do not buzz, it is GE non-smart dimmable LED bulbs I have in there right now that are buzzing very loudly when dimmed with a Lutron Maestro Fan/Light dimmer.

The warm white and tunable IKEA Trådfri bulbs are OK if you don't care about the color (not as warm as Hue, and a bit on the magenta side), but they do suddenly flicker quickly off and then on again every so often. Something about Trådfri lighting in general it seems, as the two Trådfri LED strip drivers I have do the exact same thing. I've only experienced one Trådfri bulb prematurely failing on me, but I think I recall reading that others have had this experience more than once. IKEA replaced it, no questions asked, but that's not a great prospect at this time as I think their stores are still closed.

Sorry. Thanks for clearing it up. I have some Tradfri outlets to help spread my zigbee network. Maybe I’ll give them a shot because now I have nothing smart in the bedroom light.

If its for a fan you could wire a micro switch/dimmer at the top of the fan. Most fans have a set of wires for the fan and for the lights separately. You can wire the lights to the micro switch and use that to turn on/off regular candelabra lights.

Is there a video or more detailed explanation about micro switch?

There are multiple kinds at different price points. Linked below is one of the more popular ones but there are others:

There are styles that even have two sets of inputs so you can actually have the fan and the lights on 2 separate channels from the same switch.

An example of one in use: YouTube

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