Going 🤪 looking for receptacle

I've spent a good deal of time looking in this community as well as on the web and I'm getting more confused by the click.

I need a smart receptacle with USB connections as well. It needs to:

  • Not be a plug-in, installed in box only
  • Have 2 standard, grounded 120V outlets with 15A capacity
  • Single control of both outlets is preferred but separate control is acceptable
  • Have 2 USB Type A connectors with at least 1A at 5V on each
  • Have USB that is powered independently, not switched with 120V outlets
  • Be compatible with HE via either Z-wave or Zigbee

It is also highly preferred that an HE user has one of these so it is known to work as intended.

Your suggestions will be very much appreciated.


P.S. I'm aware of workarounds with plug-ins and will go that route if this clean solution isn't available.

No such thing (at least not in the US). NEC electrical code no longer allows all receptacles in a single in-wall device to be remote controlled. The reason is that you can't verify power isolation/safety as you can't test the power as you don't know where it is controlled from. (there are cases where it can be done w/a local switch that the electrician/user can see/control at all times - but that isn't applicable to what you described)

Plug-in modules/devices can do that, as you can unplug it to remove power / prove power isolation.


Well, that explains why I'm not finding it! Thanks for the explanation, @JasonJoel

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