Going from wink to hubitat using Lutron devices

First Thank you for your patience with me. I’m a newbie and am moving from Wink which requires zero skills. I am setting up my Hubitat for the first time. I also bought a Lutron pro bridge. Currently I have all my Lutron devices hooked straight to Wink with NO Lutron bridge. I want to know if there is a way to move Lutron devices from Wink to Hubitat without resetting my Lutron stuff back to factory settings??? Does this make sense? Throwing in this Lutron bridge has me very confused. I understand how to move non Lutron stuff from Wink to Hubitat without resetting devices to factory settings.

When you remove Caseta dimmers from Wink, they are automatically factory reset. Meaning that you will have to reset the upper/lower trim to your liking for each dimmer. Of course, this is not an issue with Caseta switches.

Edit: Or is your question about Picos assigned to each dimmer? This is also reset, but extremely simple to do in the Lutron Caseta mobile app.

So if I understand correctly I CANT move them from Wink to Hubitat without them resetting like I can non Lutron devices. Right?

Correct. That was my experience. Can you clarify that we mean the same thing by reset? The only data in each Lutron Caseta dimmer is the upper/lower trim. And that will have to be done again.

And each pick that I currently have paired with a Lutron dimmer will also need to be installed from
Scratch? Thank for your help.

Pico sorry

I did transition from Wink to HE+Lutron … everything will be factory reset on switches and picos (I didn't adjust trim so not sure if this was reset too). Depending on how many devices you have, you'll need time to reserve to migrate. I also took screenshots from Wink for my shortcuts/schedules/automations so I could remember what I had already developed. Also, for Zigbee devices, its best to remove one-by-one from Wink and add immediately to HE as after removal from Wink, they are back in pairing state. Don't remove multiple as HE will discover them all at once and you'll have to figure out which is which. Same for Z-wave .... exclude one, and add into HE.

Yes. When you add the Pico remotes to the Lutron Caseta Pro Bridge with the Lutron app, you'll be given a choice of which dimmer/switch you'd like to associate the Pico with. It is dead simple to reassign them.

It took me more time to set the upper/lower trim at each dimmer.

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Damn. This is going to take forever. Every switch in my house is a caseta device. Thanks guys for clarifying this for me. I was hoping I wasn’t understanding something correctly. One last question, I need to remove each device from
Wink then go into Hubitat and add? One at a time?

For Lutron, it isn't necessary to remove one at a time. If I recall, you still need to manually put the switch/pico you want to pair by pressing and holding the bottom button. Also, when you're finished, you need to export the Integration report to get the index value of each switch/pico which you will need in HE. This is located in Lutron App > Gear icon > Advanced > Integration > Send Integration report. Also to confirm, you DID purchase the Lutron Pro Bridge L-BDGPRO2-WH … that one must be used with HE


Yes. I did get the pro.

I lost your comment after also,.....Went right over my head. Hopefully I can find info in a YouTube video. Lol.

Wish me luck. This weekend is gonna be crazy at my house!!

Maybe so. However, Hubitat has detailed instruction (with screenshots) on how to integrate Lutron devices. Here's the link:



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