Going crazy

So I picked up the hubitat a couple weeks ago, with the wink situation. We were stuck in Florida at the time and our house was controlled by wink and knew I'd need something for when we got back ASAP. So I've been playing with the hub and absolutely love it.

We just got back to the house yesterday and I'm going stir crazy.. since wink didn't take the free access down yet I don't want to mess with it to appease the WAF. But my current router only has a single lan Ethernet port... So I can't even connect my hubitat to play with it and slowly move things over....

I'm just a bit stir crazy wanting to get everything moved, as my wife says I need a project to tinker on (part of the reason she agreed to this hub over other options, and for me to upgrade our next RV as a smart RV)

I thought I had a Ethernet switch handy at the house.. but I can't find it... But Amazon to the rescue and I'll be up and running tomorrow...


Should have gone same day delivery!! HE would be up and running since yesterday :joy:. Welcome to HE.


I just got to looking for the switch today, kind of passed out after driving for 2 days.. its next day delivery lol so could be worse but could be better.. lol.

And we have some stuff to do tomorrow, moved stuff in a uhaul that needs unloaded and returned so by the time that's done it should be here, lol. I'm just getting the itch to get rid of the annoying wink hub because it's being a pain in my rear... Lol.


Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

Go slow. It's not the same as Wink and will take some time getting used to the difference in the way you setup things on Hubitat Elevation through the Hubitat Web Interface versus the Wink app.

Peruse the docs to familiarize yourself ahead of time if you haven't been there already.


Yes to echo what @SmartHomePrimer said!!! Take it slow - expect issues. HE is very powerful but that also means you can easily overdo things.. with great power comes great responsibility... :spider:

Start with the simple automation apps first (simple automation, motion lighting) before jumping into Rule Machine. Remember you have to install any system apps you want to use. Also at first until you get your "sea legs" don't install any custom stuff if you can help it because if any issues crop up you likely be asked to remove them.

Good luck and welcome!!!! This community is awesome so don't be afraid to ask if you get stuck on something.


Oh yeah, I've been playing with it, got several motion sensors, door sensors, water sensors to play with that I hadn't ever done with wink. For wink it was really just to add voice control and scenes. Which I should easily get up and running.

The long term plans with the automations will definitely come with growing pains for sure but that's the fun on it.

Having easy to use button to trigger lights on/off and voice control will keep the WAF okay, the back end is my play area, lol. The only thing I'm still trying to work out is a clean control panel with more access for the family for things they might need but not every day, or if the internet is down and voice is not working. But we have a handful of things that are Bluetooth and not able to be included in the hub... Trying to simplify things as much as I can. Although most of the stuff they wouldn't need to look at... It's mostly things for myself....


One sentence to add
"Rome wasn't built in a day"
Welcome to the rabbit hole. We'll see you on the other side.


Good attitude to start with :+1:t2:

Also, made a typo in the docs link I posted before. Fixed now.

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Oh I'll have plenty of sleepless nights I'll be up tinkering to get things working, lmao. Especially if I break something trying to get a new thing set up.... Killed my Linux server once that had all of our TV shows and music on, that made for a very low WAF... That's when I went to virtual machine, lol and I testing things before putting them into production... Which I'll be making backups of things for the HE before I do anything big. (Haven't yet because it's all just been for fun and if I had to start over it's not in production yet, that's when backups are needed).

Just want to get off this stupid wink hub that doesn't reliably control my lights..... It pisses me off almost more than it helps me, lol.


You will, in time, come to realize, that Wink's attempt to screw you over, has brought you to a place, a place where stuff just works and dam it's fast as hell.
Be ready to be amazed.


Oh I'm already happy for the change. I have hated wink for a while, but it wasn't worth moving things as we didn't spend enough time in the house, more time in our RV. But when wink wanted to charged it became worth moving and that motivated me to design a smart RV... Which local control made the most sense...

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You should check in with @srwhite about RV enhancements... he's the author of the awesome HubConnect app and has done a lot of fun stuff with his RV...

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I've already posted over there, he's got a lot of cool stuff good on for sure!

Oh man.... Now I'm having issues with the UPS I was plugging my equipment into.... Good times... Lol

Or not... That was a pebkac error.. lol.

My phone apparently decided to connect to my guest WiFi, which is fully isolated from the rest of my network on a separate vlan.... So it saw the hub offline, I just assumed it was the UPS causing issues because it was giving me issues powering up the hub... Oh well at least I don't need a new UPS and I can start tinkering

It's time to setup VPN server for access. I use wireguard on my main Vlan to access all the other Vlans. All Vlans are isolated and only my main Vlan have access to the rest. It's a one way access. This way, I can stay on the guest wifi with my phone and when needed. I just turn on Wireguard. No more multiples wifi SSIDs.


I do need to step up my network game and wireguard looks pretty awesome... Openvpn was a PITA getting working, lol. Just got l have to repurpose my old media server over to my new network, setting up for mobile life with sim card data options which is why my router only has 1 Ethernet out port too, lol. Have to change my subnet on the Linux box and get it hooked up to the new switch... And start getting these virtual machines running again. Looking to do pihole, wireguard (now), probably home assistant to play with because why not, and a who knows what else...

Oh and I just got my first device off of wink and onto HE. Well.. it was one of the zigbee bulbs I had that issues with it staying connected to wink... Paired quick and easy to HE, and my daughter's happy because it was her bedside lamp, that hasn't worked for 2 days...

Think the hardest thing for this whole change is going to be the whole resetting the devices , remembering how to do that (only thing wink did okay was giving you those instructions, but half the time they didn't work).

The only thing I have to change is going to be the wink relay's that I have... Remove them because they suck anyway... And I have some iris buttons coming in a few days that I can set for trigger where those were. Losing two smart lights from that... A floor lamp in my bedroom that we don't use often anyway.. and the foyer light, which again we don't use very often.

Uh oh...

Zigbee bulbs are special. What brand is it?

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Please don't say GE link. I sold 15 of them for next to nothing. Same for GE outlink outlets. Bought for thousands and sold for peanuts :cold_sweat:

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