GoController for garage door with tilt sensor won't close door but can open it

So I just bought and install a GoControl Smart Garage Door Controller GD00Z-8-GC. Hublot found the device and added it and the tilt sensor works. I can press the open button and the door opens and the stats say opening then open. It works perfect. then I click close and nothing happens. No status update the logs act like I never clicked close. I am using the generic garage door driver. Is not a garage door issue because there would be an updated status in the logs saying closing but never closed.. What am I doing wrong here that I can open but cannot close the garage door? The sensors are fine and all 4 other remotes for the garage door work!

Are you aware that there's a 1 minute lockout between commands?


I did not, why is this?? I'll test again, I'll open by remote then use Habitat to close it.

Its a safety issue, in the sense that if you fling the door up and down continually, it will burn out the motor, slim but potential fire hazard, etc.


Well that was it!! I just opened it using the keypad then closed it using hubitat.. weird. Is there a way to remove this? Some times I want to open the door on the way out the door to grab something from the garage then tell Google to close it like 30 seconds later.

Also on other posts it says it should be using S2 security but my device info does not say S2 security like it says it should in other posts.

In this case the S0 vs S2 doesn't matter much because you MUST use security. S2 is better and we talk about it being 3x better... but if you are using the door twice a day, there's no way you could detect the 3x. The packets are very tiny...

No, you cannot disable the safety feature(s) of the GDO (Garage Door Opener.) If you use the button to open it and then Google to close it, as you just did in your test, it would work also.

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Thanks, is this a safety thing in the firmware of the GDO or in the driver from Hubitat. I ask this because if it's in the driver then it would be nice if the HE interface would show on the status screen as "1 min cool down" so users know this is what is happening or even put it in the logging.

Also I tried to expose this to google Home and it keeps excluding this from my Google list. I'm assuming this is because Google Home does not support GDO? I'm assuming I'll have to expose it as a Virtual Switch and sync up the stats using rule the machine? as well as the tilt sesor

S2 security will only be used on C-7 and C-8 hubs. I'm guessing you have a C-5 (or C-3/C-4), so S0 security will be used instead.

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It is in the device firmware.

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Ahh yes I have a C5!! Great point. Thanks

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Probably so. However, I think it will work with community Google Home integration from @mbudnek.

SWEET!! I've just been fighting with it even with a virtual switch. I keep asking Google Home if my garage door is open or closed and it keeps telling me about a local garage repair.. LOL stupid Google . I can only ask if it's on or off!

one question I have for anybody. if I want to synchronize the state of a virtual switch with a contact sensor, I'm worried I'm going to create a catch 22 situation where when the contact sensor says is closed it will update the virtual switch to say it's closed which will also send a command to close it again.