GoControl TZB48 battery drain

I thought maybe I was good to go with the batteries in my thermostat. I once again put in fresh batteries in the thermostat 2 days ago. This morning I looked at the battery % within the device. It stated 100%. Ok cool maybe it's working now. I went to the thermostat and it was off. Dead again. It took 2 days to drain batteries.

When I was in ST the batteries would last a full season. What is draining the batteries now with HE.

Anyone have this thermostat and how long do your batteries last?

I do NOT have a "C" wire so batteries only.

Hmm wow. Good question. Did you turn on logging to see if something is talking too much? Or maybe the network reach is too far and it's fighting to stay connected? I think you should reach out to support on this via email so that they can look a bit deeper into the issue. I've never had a desire to connect my stat to my home automation, so I'm not much help here. I just feel like it's a bad idea for me. Good luck, I'll be following for the solution.

@april.brandt I have 3 of these Stats. 1 stat which is the furthest away seems to be holding it's own. The other 2 go through batteries within 2 days.

I've check the setup of all 3 and they are all setup the same.

The one major one (Main Floor) is the closest to the hub. Same room in fact. Really thinking of adding a "C" wire to power the stat.

Oh ya I have sent an email to support. They are looking into this issue.

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Awesome. My wife put in new batteries today. Tonight they are dead. Not even 12 hours. I have to get this fixed.

You might be interested in this thread. Might lead you to some answers for your device maybe?

Just install a 24 vac transformer to the thermostat.

Yesterday I installed a 24v transformer.... Just got to now figure out how to route this through the wall. I thought I was going to be able to run a new 5 wire thermostat wire, but the current 2 wire is not budging.

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Here's an update:

Of course I installed a 24v transformer on one of my thermostats. I think I might be on to some with the other 2. I read somewhere I should use alkaline batteries not lithium batteries. I replaced the batteries on the other 2 thermostats on Oct 1st. They are still showing 100% 9 days later. This is a huge improvement.

So if you are having battery issues on the GoControl TZB48 use alkaline batteries.

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