GoControl/Linear/Nortek Zwave Plus Devices (e.g., WD500Z5-1) not updating after physical press

Anyone able to get the GoControl/Linear/Nortek Zwave Plus dimmers and switches (WD500Z5-1, WT00Z5-1 and WS15Z5-1) to update their status on Hubitat after the switch is physically pressed? I have about 100 of these in my home.

I'm switching over from smartthings where this worked fine. The only way to get this going in Hubitat is by using the zwave poller app.

I also notice that the devices are discovered as normal zwave devices, not "General Smart Zwave Dimmers".

Possibly we could get the generic zwave drivers updated in hubitat to support these three items properly?

With thanks

I'm interested in the outcome as well


I know this is an older thread

Just installed 3 of the WS15Z5-1 and no issues with pairing and getting a status update

Also noticed in the instructions, they support scenes and multi-taps :slight_smile:


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I have the same issue with a WT00Z5-1. Works great via the dashboard or Alexa, but the physical switch doesn't unless you refresh in the dashboard. To be honest though I never got this working in SmartThings either. Originally the device was detected as a generic device and didn't work at all until I changed to Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer or Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer. The original comment about the Z-Wave Poller app working doesn't make sense (for this device at least) because it should be a Z-Wave Plus which doesn't show up in that app. I had hopes I could make this work in Hubitat, but I'm not finding much love in my searches or attempts. Luckily I only have one of these switches.

Hello @duderight, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

the WT is a 3-way virtual switch and since it won't turn on/off lights on it's own, it must be associated with a WS or WD. I have all 3 of these and they all update the device status upon manual use w/o refreshing the dashboard.

I'm using the Generic Z-Wave Smart dimmer/switch in all cases, seems to be working fine here

One thing I have found is, only the WS can be used to control the lights via HE, the WT won't turn on/off the light digitally so I just make sure to use the WS in all automations. Not a big deal so far

Let us know how this shakes out for you

I'm a newbie to Hubitat after I recently gave up on Wink. I have 3 Nortek WS15Z5-1 light switches but have been unable to discover them. Anyone have any guidance?

Hi @nick10, welcome to Hubitat.

Have you successfully excluded your three switches?

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No because my Wink hub wouldn’t let me after I canceled my subscription. However, I spoke to Nortel tech support who told me there was no need to exclude it and that it would pair without doing this. Thanks!

They're incorrect. However, you don't need to exclude it from the same controller it was paired to (i.e. Wink). You can exclude it using Hubitat. And then pair it to Hubitat.

However, without exclusion, the switches will not pair to Hubitat (or any other controller).


  1. Sometimes (but not always) doing a "factory reset" will exclude a device. Had you performed a factory reset on these switches?

  2. The manual for this switch is here (link goes to PDF)

  3. The relevant portion on doing a factory reset is pasted below:

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Just to add to the excellent advice above, this is what you should do after the reset and before you try including (see below). You should get a message "unknown Zwave device excluded" or something like that if you are successful. Then you should be able to do the inclusion process.

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Many thanks for the fast reply Ashok! I will try to exclude it first thing tomorrow then (hopefully) pair it. I did try the factory reset several times but I couldn’t get the LED blinking during the 15 sec hold on the lower switch. Did I do something wrong? I appreciate your help!

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Not sure - don't have one of those switches. But as @neonturbo has suggested, you can exclude them using Hubitat.

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Thanks neonturbo...got it. Hubitat makes Wink look like a kids toy!


Former Wink user myself. Ashok (aaiyar) too.


Yeah - both of us jumped ship from Wink to Hubitat almost 2 years ago. Everything takes a little bit of adjustment. But I'm glad I did, and I'm pretty sure that @neonturbo is too.





Success! I now have all 4 lights discovered and I've created a dashboard for them. How do I go about automating them? Thanks in advance guys!

I think that would depend on what type of automation is desired.

If you haven't already, click on the Apps button, and then "Add Built-in Apps". It will bring up a large collection of apps that can be used for all manner of automation, as shown in the screenshots below:

The ones used most often are highlighted below. Rule Machine is extremely powerful. But I would suggest using it only if the automation cannot be performed using one of the others.

Many thanks Ashok. All I’m looking to do is have them all go on at sunset then all turn off at sunrise. Which of the 4 built-in apps is best suited to that?

I would start with Simple Automations.

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