GoControl/Linear GDZ00X Tilt Sensor ball switch swap to mercury switch

Just replaced the ball switch inside the tilt sensor that you attach to the garage door with a mercury switch. Super easy to un-sauder and re-sauder. Did the same for the Ecolink Tilt sensor I use as a backup to the first.

Here's the Echolink Tilt Sensor

What’re the benefits of making that change?

Inside just about all tilt sensors is a little ball inside a canister that breaks the circuit when the ball falls to the top of the canister. Eventually the ball gets stuck for whatever reason. I guess maybe humidity getting inside it or something and it stops working. Don't have that issue with the mercury switches. Also don't get false triggers if there's some vibration like you do with ball switches bouncing inside.


What size is that mercury switch?


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i have had two for about 6 years with no issues

Not all are affected but I live in a high wind area here in Houston. We get hurricanes and stuff like that. It's part of my device prep for any devices that aren't in a climate-controlled area. I replace any of those ball switch tilt sensors, conformal coat the boards, and silicone the case closed. I've never had an outdoor device fail for any reason other than a tornado stole one one time off my mailbox. It took the mailbox too.

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Just ordered some mercury switches- going to give this a try on my garage door Ecolink tilt sensors. Thanks for the link to the economic switches, @lewis.heidrick!

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