GoControl GD00Z-8-GC shows as a contact, not a controller

I'm having a problem with my device showing up as a controller with open and close. I presents itself in the device list as a contact, and the same within the HomeKit integration App.

When I go to the Device page, I have an Open and Close button, but not Configure or Refresh buttons. I can perform one action, such as Close or Open, but need to refresh the device screen before I can perform a second action.

I've excluded it and re-included it a few times now with the same effect. Another item is that I cannot include it "without security", but will only include With Security - which isn't really an issue for me, but struck me as odd.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

You have included the device just fine. The issue is that certified Apple HomeKit integration points, such as what the built-in Hubitat integration is trying to achieve, are not allowed to integrate barrier devices. See the Hubitat documentation here. If you want to integrate a barrier device, you will have to use a community app and integrate via Homebridge.

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Thanks for that information, very helpful to know regarding HomeKit integration.

For now, let's ignore HK and just focus on Hubitat. The device within Hubitat will only present itself as a contact, nor does it have a "Configure" button like all of the other devices do (described in my first post).

I don't see a way to add this as a device to open or close via a Hubitat Dashboard. Assuming this device is included as designed, how are others using this controller to operate the door?

Ok, I figured out a solution. It's not sexy, but it works.... I created a button and called it "Garage Door Button". Then I created a rule in Rule Machine that if the button is pushed and garage door is closed, then open it, but if it's open, then close it. Then I added both the garage door position contact and door button to a dashboard, and it works.

In HomeKit, Interestingly enough, I was also able to make it work, but it's a work around. I use the same Garage Door Button, but assigned it to turn on the garage overhead lights. When I push it, HK operates the garage lights, but HE operates the garage door. Works.

Correct that there is no configure button. Not all devices have configuration.

Wrt the dashboard, you need to change the template for the device on the dashboard. The template you want is "Garage (Control)". This will show as a garage door with ability to operate.

I've found that using a switch is more effective for my needs. The door contact sensor shows as a garage door (red open or green closed). I then have a virtual switch assigned such that "on" opens the door and "off" closes the door, which also works with HK as well.