GoControl GD00Z-4 Garage Door Controller: ghost open close events

I have a GoControl GD00Z-4 Garage door controller that's been in use since 2016 (originally paired with a Wink Hub2). It's been paired with my HE hub for over a year and has been working flawlessly. Yesterday early morning I was abruptly awoken with a handful of Pushover notifications indicating that the garage door had open and closed a couple of times. I got up and checked and found nothing out of the ordinary but the HE logs did show a number of open and close events.

I reviewed the video camera recording for the PTZ camera I have in the garage and saw no indication that the door physically opened and closed at the times indicated in the HE logs. The only thing I can conclude from all of this is that a low battery level the GoControl garage door sensor must have caused the random false open close events. It occurred to me that I have never replaced the battery in the door sensor since the unit has been in service (over 3 years!). I replaced it yesterday morning and the issue has not repeated itself.

I'm using the Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener driver which does not appear to report door sensor battery level.

@mike.maxwell does GoControl Garage Door Controller expose battery capability and if so would it be possible to have a dedicated driver for this device that includes battery level reporting?

They dont report battery level, they are supposed to send an alarm report of a specific type when the battery is low, no idea if they in fact do this or not.

Similar to this?

Open then closed in 31 seconds. Not physically possible.

Yes, I can get 10 of these a night. And then nothing for a week. I changed the batteries the first time it happened, Didn't help. I have an independent ZWave Tilt Sensor on the door that predates the GD00Z-4 and I actually use that for "real" status.

I've had it on my ToDo list for a very long time to get the Opener's sensor moved off the metal door and more a line of sight to the Opener without having to pass through metal.

Then this would not be the battery alarm...
If debug logging was active when you get these messages, that might help track this down...

I've got almost 3 1/2 years on the original battery. It's located at our vacation property so the door doesn't get used very often but looking through the device's event log I'm not seeing any battery alarms or any unusual entries other than the events from a couple of days ago. Very weird.

Ouch. This is the first time I've seen this. My phone automatically sets itself to do not disturb from 10 PM to 6:30 AM so if it did happen overnight I'd never get an audible Pushover notification. Still, I probably would have seen something in the notifications list. Very odd.

I'm having different issues with this controller. It reports that the door is still open sometimes when it is actually closed... maybe the battery in the tilt sensor needs replacing but its only about a year old.

I have the same go control garage door opener and am experiencing the same type of issues starting about a month ago. At first I thought it was the battery in my sensor even though i’ve Only had it installed for the past 6 months. So I replaced the battery and the same thing will happen. It’s random to sometime i’ll Only get one false reading a day sometimes i’ll get several. Luckily I still had my SmartThings MultiSensor I had originally installed before getting the go control opener still installed to compare to to see if it was a false positive. At first I thought it was just my sensor but now I read this there might be more to it.

I got 14 notifications in one night last week.. the 2am type. 7 opens, 7 closes, each pair were 5-10 seconds apart. Faster than the door could actually open then close PLUS the GDO rejects commands closer than 1 minute. They are, in my opinion, internally generated false notifications.

I changed the battery in the tilt sensor, as well as physically moving 6" further away from the metal track at the edge of the door.. hoping that the signal would have a better line-of-sight to the motor/controller. Made no difference.

I'll be putting the GDO into 'ignore' somehow and just pay attention to the ZWave Tilt Sensor.

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So after some more trial and error and a little deeper research I solved my issue with the false reports at least for now.

At first I thought it may have been an issue with an update so I went as far as rolling my hub back two versions down to from or something. For some reason I thought this was causing it to not false report as often at least. After a while of running on the older code it appeared to be less frequent when the false positives would appear until I started to notice a pattern. The false reports were occurring about an hour after I had actually opened the door and there was no record of the door opening when it actually did. Now you just might think that the lock is off or something it's not and I have a notification triggered when the door does open which would happen at that hour after.

So taking this new information I dug a little deeper and found some posts from 3 years ago of a similar type of behavior. It turns out the thing I should have done first before jumping down this rabbit hole was what ultimately fixed it at least for now for me "Did you Reboot?" not the hub, the device. Yes simply unplugging the device for a minute and plugging it back in fixed it. Instantly after doing that i opened the door and got my notification that the door had open and no more false reports an hour later.

Now from what I read on this other post I forgot to save were a few other tips to this issue. Supposedly it will more then likely come back. The board in this device doesn't like power fluctuations and causes this type of behavior. So one suggestion was to plug it into an APC to keep it on clean power and hey it can be used for your garage door opener at that point for if the power goes out you can still open it. Another suggestion was to plug it into a smart switch so you can turn on and off the power when you need to instead of getting on a ladder to unplug it when this occurs. The other suggestion was about changing the battery in the sensor and something to do with if the led on the device goes bad for the warning strobe it could cause issues with operating the door.

Anyway I'll keep an eye on mine and try to go back up to the latest build and see if I have any further issues or if it comes back. But being in IT myself I can't believe I completely forgot the simplest of troubleshooting steps for something like this a Reboot of the device.

I am struggling with this too. I've had these before with Wink but they seemed to have be related to temperature changes (cold/heat) and then would go away. With Hubitat, I've put a 30 sec delay in the rule and then I check if the door is still open, if it is, then lights turn on. I guess I will have to keep tweaking the delay but from what I have seen in the past, the open/close events come within the same minute.

Hopefully, no more waking up with the lights coming on :crossed_fingers:t3:

I swapped my 'notification channel' to be the ZWave Tilt Sensor instead of the GDO.

I had the Tilt Sensor first, years ago THEN got the GDO. I explored the GDO with @mike.maxwell and he concluded mine is bad/defective in some unique way. Everything else about it is fine and the GDO itself does not care at about the message anyway. I've always liked having the dual indication. Both had to be Open for me to get excited, and that's still the case, but I've reversed what causes the initial DING on my mobile.


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