GoControl Garage Door Controller

I've just included a GoControl GD00Z-4 garage door controller and connected it to Chamberlain garage door opener. Everything looks normal. When I push close or open, it says opening or closing, device beeps and light flashes but, nothing happens. I am 100% positive that I connected the device to correct terminals. Any help?

Are you certain GoControl is compatible with your opener?



If you also have a "smart" wall button on the same contacts, it's likely to be protected in that GoControl. I removed the wall button wires, leaving the GoControl and then it started working. I found out it was due to the GoControl detecting digital levels and not being willing to just short it out... which is what its relay does internally.

I replaced the smart button with a dumb one, that worked out better overall. It's bigger and is easier to hit with an elbow while carrying things in.


Thank you for the list. Yes, I just checked and they are competible.

Thank you for the advice but, it did not work here

What’s the color of the “learn” button on your Chamberlain GDO?

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Square or round yellow button?

If round, then it's a Security+ 2.0 opener, so I suspect you'd need a Garadget to get it all to work.


Yes, it's round. I believe Garadget is another control device. So, will I use it along with GoControl?

My GDO isn't Security+ and I don't use GoControl, so I don't have any experience with this particular setup, but Garadget is well-respected around here as the intermediary for Security+ 2.0 openers.

If necessary, it would be used in addition to the GoControl. The Garadget website likely has good additional info to review.


I'll look it up. Thank you

With the disclaimer that I am not familiar with the GoControl device, I must say that I am skeptical that it can work with any modern garage door opener by simply connecting parallel to the wall switch. In their compatibility document, they say that they may not be compatible with some openers manufactured since 2013. I think that’s quite an understatement and specifically I believe that any Security 2.0+ garage door opener is not going to be compatible.

If I am correct, you could connect to the physical push button inside the wall switch or go the Garadget+smart relay (such as ZEN17) route.

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As indicated by @HAL9000, your Chamberlain is not directly compatible with the GoControl controller.

However, as indicated by @hydro311, you can use the GoControl as long as you also use a Security+ 2.0 button that is pre-wired. Garadget sells this rather inexpensively. Here’s the link:


Thank you

Thank you.

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