Gocontrol external sensor setup

Just replaced my ct-101 with a gocontrol zwave thermostat. Looking to use an external temp sensor. Installed the Enhanced Driver and see remote sensor settings but have not idea how to set it up :worried:. Can someone help me! I know this community probably has some better ideas! :grin:

It's supposed to be the z-wave node id of a remote temperature sensor (the decimal not the hex node number).. Now how compatible this is is anyone's guess as they use some pretty old command classes..

Would I be better just stick to something like this? Screenshot_20200503-133533|236x500

In theory you could go either way.. What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

Just looking for my aeotec multisensor to monitor temperature in my livingrrom in day and evening modes. Then to switch over to reading temp. from thermostat in morning and night modes.

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Let me know if it works..

In theory it should