Go control garage door opener

I have Go Control Z Wave Garage door opener . It works fine and does report the correct position.. open or closed
My challenge is that when it opens it reports closed first then open which causes issues with a rule I created to turn on a light .

Look at using an ecolink tilt sensor instead. Very accurate and cheap.


A Garage Door Opener (GDO) should step through 3 states... if it begins Closed, then it should change to Opening, then Open. If it's Open, it should be changing to Closing, then Closed. The black tilt sensor defines the open and closed states, while the intermediate is software out on the GDO.

I have two of these GDO and neither exhibits the symptoms you report. I have my own set of undesirable symptoms... I get false open/close states all day, every day. Before I bought these GDO I installed an Ecolink Tilt Sensor and it's THAT device that I use in my alerts.

I add my recommendation of the Ecolink tilt sensor to @rlithgow1


What model and what driver? It shouldn't report closed then open if it's open.

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Depends on how "jerky" the garage door is and the type of tilt sensor. I had a "metal ball" tilt sensor on my garage door, and before I changed the rollers, and greased everything down, it was very common for the sensor to go through the following states while transitioning from closed to open.

closed -> open -> closed -> open (and stays open)

I initially solved it using a custom driver that ignored state changes within 5 seconds of "open". But the real solution was to use a mercury tilt sensor. And of course, changing the rollers and greasing the chain and motor also probably helped.


GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door

Thank you ! Bought the Ecolink and all is well now . I have both on my dashboard and to monitor the original one. I changed all the rules I use to the Ecolink and all works as it should. Thanks !

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