Globe Electric 50026 same as Fibaro FGMS-001?

The $26 Globe Electric 50026 appears physically identical to the $42 Fibaro device (FGMS-001). Anyone tried using the Globe device? Does it work?

Not the same device. While they are superficially similar, the Globe Electric device is WiFi (and not a Hubitat-compatible device), whereas the Fibaro is z-wave.

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I would say no, they aren't the same.

I think these are a Neo Coolcam products, but I cannot be certain.


Not sure, but Neo Coolcam makes a z-wave motion sensor that works with Hubitat and looks like the Globe Electric sensor.


Thanks all. I have a Fibaro in operation and it has been working well. The Globe physical appearance is identical. Just had to ask ........

Wouldn't mind finding the same solution for almost 1/2 the price! :slight_smile:

Check out the Neo Coolcam z-wave sensor that @neonturbo mentioned. I've linked to it above. It is about the same price as the Globe Electric and works with Hubitat.


Yep, I have a Dome, and this Neo Coolcam one, and they are virtually identical except the mounting stand. They both work fine in Hubitat. They are some of the better Zwave motion sensors I have.

But I still prefer Zigbee, they seem to just be better than Zwave for sensors in general.


You mention Zigbee motion detectors. Have a favorite?

Hard to beat the price of the Sonoff SNZB-03 at about $17. I have one on order that should arrive tomorrow.

Iris, when they are available.

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