Global Dimmers App

This is my first app I've written, and the first time I've used groovy. This was my attempt to migrate a webcore piston.

I wanted all my dimmers to follow a virtual global dimmer's level. I didn't want them to mirror it's on/off state, but when they are on, they should match it's value. Manually changing the dimmer's level should still work as well.

This all seems to work fine as is, I guess what I'm looking for is some feedback. Is there anything else I should be considering? Is there any syntax or convention I should be following?

Thank you.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Any way to quickly add child instances or the ability to rename the application name? Iā€™d like to have something like this set up for multiple lights. (One group of lights follows one master Virtual dimmer while another group follows another. Mode lighting controls the virtual dimmers.)

Renaming is easy, name: "Global Dimmers", change the text inside the " to whatever you want the name to be.

I'm sure there's a way to add child instances, since I've seen other apps do that. But, that's outside of my knowledge at this point.

Well done! Thanks!

Like veeceeoh do, a nice feature is to add the import link in the code. Then its one push to update the code in HE when you make changes or expand funtionality at a later stage.
definition (name: "Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor", namespace: "veeceeoh", author: "veeceeoh", importUrl: "")

Also version comments and general info on each part is very helpful to understand the code for users.

Again, thanks for this nice app!
Oslo, Norway

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